• Showreel


  • Pstereo Festival 2015

    Pstereo Festival 2015

    Logo presentation for the Pstereo festival. MARINEN, 21.- 22 AUG. 2015

  • Macintosh Tribute

    Macintosh Tribute

    There is no secret that i like Apple and their products, and last year in 2014 […]

  • Life of a Bubble

    Life of a Bubble

    Animation I made for Animade’s “Full Secs” project. Short story about the life of a bubble. […]

  • Let Go!

    Let Go!

    Animation I made for Animade’s “Full Secs” project. Original artwork by Lim Heng Swee aka. ”ILoveDoodle” […]

  • Tivoli 100 år

    Tivoli 100 år

    For the historic amusement park Tivoli, in the heart of Copenhagen, Frame just wrapped up this […]

  • Meyerheim title sequence

    Meyerheim title sequence

    Title sequence for the danish talk-show Meyerheim Credits: Production company – Frame.dk Design – Santi Zoraidez […]

  • iMac Touch concept mockup ”Power at your fingertips”

    iMac Touch concept mockup ”Power at your fingertips”

    A ”viral” I made out of a Apple owned patent. Apple iMac Touch with Flex Base […]

  • Motor kaleidoscopic experiment

    Motor kaleidoscopic experiment

    A little kaleidoscopic experiment with a rigged V8 motor.

  • The modern apartment

    The modern apartment

    This is my main graduation project from the class Motion Graphics and 3D-animation at Norwegian School […]

  • Porsgrund / IDO logo presentation

    Porsgrund / IDO logo presentation

  • Eurovision 2014 (Official) Pointbreakers

    Eurovision 2014 (Official) Pointbreakers

    Pointbreakers for the official Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen 10/05/2014 Song: Emmelie De Forest-Rainmaker (Official #joinus […]

  • Skoda Citigo Tivoli

    Skoda Citigo Tivoli

    Credits: Production company – Frame.dk Creative Director – Anders Schroder Animation – Joakim Ulseth Post Producer […]

  • Carlsberg


    ”Probably the best beer in the world”

  • Odd Future logo

    Odd Future logo

    Made the Odd Future ”donut” logo in 3D. Nothing fancy, just for the fun of it.

  • 3T logo animation

    3T logo animation

    Short logo animation I did for the gym ”3T-trening”

  • Quick interior scene

    Quick interior scene

    Been playing a little bit more with Vray for C4D, this time just a quick interior […]

  • Trondheim Torg ”payoff”

    Trondheim Torg ”payoff”

    This short animation I made for Trondheim Torg (a local mall) for a competition they had. […]

  • Kosmorama Film Festival Vignette

    Kosmorama Film Festival Vignette

    My participation for a vignette competition for Kosmorama, Trondheim International Film Festival.